iStock_000003288822XSmall_-_CopieWe really want to create a new pedestrian way between Bordeaux and Lourdes, two towns of international reputation, one for its wines, the other for its shrine and grotto.

La voie de Lourdes

We would like this trail to become a heart-warming space open to everyone. It will allow you to discover a part of the Aquitaine region, with its nature, villages and history, while giving you the opportunity of finding yourself, pondering, hiking alone or making the acquaintance of new people, as a walker, a hiker or a pilgrim.

This path will be yours.

Let yourself be led along the Gorges of Ciron, surprised and charmed by the unusual beauty of Lugaut church, or the famous pools of St Foy.

You will be under the discreet spell of Pierquie and the small church in Lusson.

You will discover Lescar cathedral, and also Lestelle Betharram, well-known for its underground grottoes and also for its religious past with the visions of “the Lady with her small branch”.